Watercolor – Little Bird

Sorry, this is so late in the day! I’ve had too many distractions today and the painting is still not complete. But rather than wait, here is what I’ve done so far with it…ending at about 90% completion. I’ll post the final version later. 140 lb watercolor paper-Canson Holbein watercolors …


Watercolor – By the Bay (progress)

This piece is NOT completed but thought some of you might like to see it early, and I’ll post the completed painting as soon as it’s done. Hopefully over the weekend. Items used: Holbein paints. 300 lb watercolor paper. Side note: Painting or walking helps clear out all the brain-wax …

Valentine – Haiku

When you close your eyes See my smiling face and know You are truly loved. Remember, your Valentine can be any day of the year. Share moments with them, remind them of your adoration and surprise them with little poems now and then.