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The trees were painted with Crafts4All watercolors and I used Silver Black Velvet brushes. The colors I used are in the image above.

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Golden Sunset

So this picture is for a friend who asked me to paint something with brighter colors. Ha! Voila. Anyway, this is painted with Crafts4All paints and the Silver Black Velvet paint brushes (sizes 10, 8, 2 and the Silver ultra mini 2). And painted on 140 lb. Cold Pressed...

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Red Sky

This painting was done with watercolor paint by Crafts4All; I don't see or hear about professional painters ever using this brand of watercolor but I actually like it because it's smooth and easy to manipulate on cold pressed watercolor paper. IMO. Thanks for stopping...

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Artwork Available

This artwork is available for framing as well as printed on multiple products, e.g., pillows, tote bags, blankets, beach towels, phone cases, and many more. Follow the link below to see what meets your interests.