Art of the Week (18 Jan)

Happy New Year ! I found some interesting inspiration this week and had a lot of fun creating these pieces. Let me know in comments if you’ve created any art this week; I’d love to see it too. Ok, here is the artwork from the week. Note: All of the …



Where is home when I’m never there? Is it in my heart or on a road? This post had issues and editing it did not fix the problem so it’s getting reposted. My apologies if you’re seeing this twice. ~CB [first posted/published on 10 January 2019] __________

Art of the Week

Sketching (or artwork in general) is somewhat addictive because once you begin, it’s meditative and afterward, you are already considering the next piece to create. Or is that process just me? Somehow I doubt it. If you create art (any media) and share it online, let me know because I’d …