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Haiku & WaterColors

CandyH2O Blog

Haiku Schedule
2014 – Current
Mondays & Thursdays – life, love, writing, or other topics. 
Occasionally on Saturdays – politics, human rights, or Q & A. 

Artwork Showcased
2018 – Current
Fridays – watercolors, drawings, or sketches

Haiku Fans

Hello haiku fans: I know you were here on Thursday expecting to see a new haiku but due to problems with the site, I was unable to post any new material. On the bright side, the problems are now gone and order is restored. Let's rejoice!  A special thank you goes out...

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Some day you might feel crestfallen and alone, but know you are well loved. If you know someone who is depressed, reach out to them and check in on them regularly. Also, keep this number handy: 800.273.8255 Also on Twitter: The Lifeline @800273TALK...

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