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Welcome to the site and I hope you’ll find it easier to access all my writings, musings, haiku, and general silliness. Thanks for coming! 

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Creator of Worlds

You’ll find short stories, micro poems (in haiku form), as well as the introduction to longer stories; they are novel-tease, as it were (like my pun?!).

Short Stories

Short Stories just for you, Patrons! And yeah, there are a few freebies for everyone.


All the haiku are posted on the blog as well as by category. Pop in to get your haiku-fix and then get back to work, or stick around and read many more.


All the watercolors and haiku in one place. But, before you click on this you need to know that I paint only as a hobby. Maybe you’ll like some, maybe not, but of course, I hope you do.


Really they are chapter-teasers…

Have you met Rein?

If you’ve not met Rein Valentine yet, you’re in for a treat. She is a former smartass street kid who is making her way up the proverbial ladder.


This is a sci-fi-ish thriller. The Archs defied their ‘General’ and began a strategy to help humans ascend.

See God

A woman is accused of infanticide and forced defend her innocence to society, as well as to her God.
There is always room to learn and grow, so persevere.
~ Candace Bailly
Featured Haiku & Watercolors

I find I live here, 

Deep within your pulsing heart, 

Tapping a soft tune. 


(written Oct 2016)

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