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Crumbs I, II, & III (new)

Feed the Poet Within

Crumbs: Feed The Poet Within

The books are available in paperback and Kindle via Amazon:

Included in the chapbooks are haiku as well as free-verse (that is free form poetry), and the categories include Love, Not Always (love), For You, Just Me, To Everyone, and About Writing.

The poems are snippets of my life over the course of 15 years, so you’ll likely find a poem or two that resonates with you. In addition, the books are set up to allow for jumping around from category to category, or to read it straight through.

All 3 books found on Amazon: Crumbs

Beneath the Twin Suns

Anthology of Short Stories

A group of authors came together to create a unique anthology. There are 30+ authors contributing short stories; and every story takes place on one planet over the span of hundreds of years.

Important: As a group, we decided to donate 100% of the profits to charity: International Committee of the Red Cross. Noteworthy: the charity info is located at the bottom of the book description on websites where it is sold.

Amazon Orders: Available in paperback and ebook (Kindle) copies.

The Addicted

The first published poem was in Romance Magazine Vol. 02, No. 06, 2014. The magazine was available at as well as [Sadly, the magazine doesn’t seem to be publishing any longer. I checked today, 2018 Aug 27]    😮

It’s In The Cards

Book excerpt: When you hand someone your business card, you’re setting in motion a chain of contacts that can become a new branch of your network. That’s why you want your card to be attention-getting, pleasing, informative, and memorable – so people will look at it, comment on it, pass it around, and keep it handy. And the next time someone needs your products or services, they’ll remember you.

[This book is available via]

Masters of Networking

I felt honored to participate in this endeavor by contributing a section to the book. Check out the list of contributing authors because there were amazing business-people who participated.

[It’s available at]

Author Page on Amazon

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