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Candace Bailly

“There is always room to learn and grow, so persevere.”

Creator of Worlds

You’ll find short stories and micro poems (in haiku form) on this site. Oh, and some watercolors are posted on the blog because you know, it’s fun hobby stuff.

Short Stories

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Here are some Short Stories just for you! Yep, it doesn’t happen often, I know, but sometimes you can find free stuff. They are short, not necessarily¬†sweet, but definitely free.¬† Enjoy!

If you follow the blog, which I love it when you do, you’ll receive updates for new stories when they get posted here.

CRMB Haiku

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All the haiku are posted on the blog. This link (above) is for the category page for all the haiku related to love, life, writing, & everything else categories.

So pop in to get your haiku-fix and then get back to work, or…um, stick around and read many, many more.


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Ok, before you click on this, you need to know that I am not a professional artist. I paint watercolors as a hobby. Maybe you’ll like some, maybe not. We take our chances, right?!

Anyway, this link takes you to the blog where the watercolors are posted on Fridays.

Featured Haiku & Watercolor

I find I live here,

Deep within your pulsing heart,

Tapping a soft tune.


(written Oct 2016)