Smile – Haiku

When you least expect it, that “one” person will make you smile regardless. Advertisements


Crestfallen – Haiku

  Some day you might feel crestfallen and alone, but know you are well loved.   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline If you know someone who is depressed, reach out to them and check on them regularly. Here is a number to keep handy: 800.273.8255 Also on Twitter: The Lifeline @800273TALK …

Bloom – Haiku & Chapbook (completed)

Only one flower Blooms and permeates my room but it’s all I need.   CRMB Chapbook It’s done! My first Chapbook is completed and leatherbound. Yay, but I’m both excited and anxious now. What is next? … I’ve written poetry in haiku form (for the most part) since 2014, but …