Endless – Haiku

  She stared for hours, at what, I’ll never know; but her Beauty was endless. Advertisements


Bloom – Haiku & Chapbook (completed)

Only one flower Blooms and permeates my room but it’s all I need.   CRMB Chapbook It’s done! My first Chapbook is completed and leatherbound. Yay, but I’m both excited and anxious now. What is next? … I’ve written poetry in haiku form (for the most part) since 2014, but …

Before & After – Haiku

I met my┬ádream man But then I woke and realized He’s better than dreams. —- Married to someone Who is never there for you And pretends s/he is. —- This is messed up, I know; but you know what, life is complicated and messy. These two poems were meant to …