Art For The Week (16 June)

Ummm, a hole?! Yep, I’m not sure why exactly but a jagged hole seemed interesting somehow, so that’s what I drew. ;-p Tools used: Graph Gear 1000, Pentel-P207, Tombow Mono Eraser, rubber eraser Thank you for visiting and I hope you’re having an enjoyable weekend. __________ Advertisements


Art for the Week (11 Jan)

Sketching (or artwork in general) is somewhat addictive because once you begin, it’s meditative and afterward, you are already considering the next piece to create. Or is that process just me? Somehow I doubt it. If you create art (any media) and share it online, let me know because I’d …

Sketches – Done

Ok, we’re caught up with the sketches from December and next week you’ll see current (January 2019) sketches. Yay?! :-p This last sketch was a doodle while on hold during a phone call; and I’ve no idea where the inspiration for the brush came from but there it is. __________