Art for the Week (08 Feb)

Below are two of the sketches from this week, one in ink and the other in pencil. The inspiration for these sketches was Valentine’s Day…which seemed timely, you know. Anyway, the Flower in ink was done with Micron pens 01 & 02. The Hot Lips sketch was created with the …


Sketches – Done

Ok, we’re caught up with the sketches from December and next week you’ll see current (January 2019) sketches. Yay?! :-p This last sketch was a doodle while on hold during a phone call; and I’ve no idea where the inspiration for the brush came from but there it is. __________

Art for the Week (04 Jan)

It’s been a busy (also wonderful) holiday season and I’ve done some drawing/sketching during December, but never posted them on the blog; note, however, if you follow me on Instagram (@CandyH2O), you’ll have seen these sketches already. And if not, voila…some recent drawings: That’s it for today but I’ll post …