Book Review – Unholy

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Book Title: Unholy 

Author: Austin Valenzuela

Genre: Fantasy, Gothic

Year of Publication: 2020 Aug

The Book Itself. Be ready to quickly enter the world of magic, wonder, and dragons. You will get a dark and sinister ride with the protagonist and ultimately enjoy a twist on who will harness this magic. The story is approximately 23k words (so novella size) and a quick read. 

Favorite Bits. This is a great story for young adults in the high school age range. I only recommend older teens because of the violence; regardless, the ‘magic’ in this world along with the dynamics between humans and dragons felt original (but I won’t say more because…spoilers).

To read or not to read…If you’re a teenager with a love for dragons and the world of magic, yes, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy this ride. 

Below is a link to the novella available on Amazon (dot) com.

Unholy, by Austin Valenzuela

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