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CRMB Haiku

Haiku, haiku, haiku...

So what is your fancy today? Check out the categories below:


Haiku - Pertaining to Life

These are topics that relate to living and getting along, or not, and how we deal with life in general.

Haiku - for all things of 'love'

Most of these poems are for people you love, and some are for ‘things’ you love.  But mostly these haiku are for people in love. You will see.

Haiku - as a writer

For those times when filled with so much emotion and no outlet but the lovely haiku. These were written for many moods as well as for characters. I dedicate these to fellow authors who work with little sleep and too much caffeine.

Haiku - Everything under the sun

These haiku are many and varied; you’ll find topics such as anxiety, depression, politics, artists, and human rights. And probably more.