Watercolor – Holiday Market

Holiday Market

This scene was so much fun to paint and it was from an online workshop. The supplies I used include Holbein watercolors (mainly Rose Madder, Cerulean Blue, Perm Yellow, and Perm Yellow Deep). The brushes: Silver Black Velvet (sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10), and the watercolor paper was 140 lb Arches, 9 inches X 12 inches.

So the big question is…Would I recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to improve their watercolor skills? Absolutely yes; I found Matthew to be thorough, friendly, talented, inclusive, and he shared a wealth of tips and tricks for working with watercolors. Note, however, this is how he makes his living so it’s not surprising when he spends time during the workshop to push products and future workshops. With that said, he is respectful and not pushy in the least. I’ll likely do another one of his online workshops. Ok, so there’s more info about Matthew at the bottom (scroll on down) for those who’d like to check out his classes.

Attribution: This painting is an adaptation of A Festive Market, With Christmas Tree by Matthew Palmer; the workshop was held & recorded on 05 December 2021. Also, more information can be found at Matthew’s website: www(dot)watercolour(dot)tv.

Of Note: I am not affiliated with any of the materials/products I used for the painting, nor with Matthew Palmer. In other words, I do not receive any money for my comments, opinions, or recommendations.

Happy New Year!

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