First and foremost, thank you for all the private messages full of warm wishes and kindness regarding our little papillon. Your well-wishes were cherished and welcome. <3

Second, changes for the blog are coming! Ok, some of you already know this but I’ve been writing poetry since 2004, and writing a haiku or senryu nearly every day since 2014; in addition, I published a couple of chapbooks during that timeframe. So to wrap it all up (ie, this experience) in a nice conclusiony-full circle-kind of way, I will publish (later this year) one final chapbook, and then at a later date sell them all as a set.

But for now, in the immediate future, things will change because I need a new focus, a new interest, a new project, yes, perhaps a fresh start. I will keep you informed as the plan comes together with a new direction fixed. But … Most of all, thank you for being here!

As always, may there be sunlight in your day, love in your heart, and humor on the brain. Dare I say, embrace your weirdness?!

~ Candace

A new day

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