Watercolor – The Boat

I see some issues but practice, practice practice. Right!?  Anyway, it’s a fun hobby and if you paint as well, leave a comment to tell me what you’re working on or what you think.  I’d love to connect with some other artists and hobbyists.

This was painted with Holbein watercolors on Arches 300lb paper and I used a variety of the Silver Black Velvet brushes (my favorite brushes, btw). The colors used are shown below.

Disclaimer: I am still learning this craft (sketching & watercolors) and often refer to amazing artists who offer tutorials on YouTube. This image is from Maria Raczynska (check out her works).


Holbein watercolor paints used for The Boat
300lb 100% cotton


  1. Hi Candace, thank you so much for visiting. I really like what you did with the reflections. To answer your question: I am practicing foliage, as I tend to overwork that section of a painting. Working with transparent colors has helped a great deal in reducing the muddiness.

    • CandyH2O

      Thank you and I enjoyed seeing your work (I’ll be looking for more too). I use transparent watercolors as well, and I noticed that if the paint is wet, you can still end up with muddy colors. The key is to make sure the layers below are completely dry and then it’s not an issue. I’m watching youtube videos related to watercolors and teaching myself this medium. What about you, are you self-taught, painted for years/decades, or professional?
      I’m glad you stopped by!

  2. While I did get a fine art degree, I wound up not painting for almost a decade. About two years ago, I decided to get back in the saddle with watercolors. I never learned this medium, and I found it rather challenging, especially coming from acrylics. I think you’re doing great. Have fun with your next piece!

    • CandyH2O

      Thank you; I’m looking forward to seeing your future artwork. And I imagine it feels good to be creating art again after a long hiatus.

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