Watercolor – Red Sky

Red Sky watercolor

This painting was done with watercolor paint by Crafts4All; I don’t see or hear about professional painters ever using this brand of watercolor but I actually like it because it’s smooth and easy to manipulate on cold pressed watercolor paper. IMO.

Thanks for stopping by to see it; and if you happen to love it and want it…you can! It’s available at: fineartamerica.com/profiles/candace-bailly, also candace-bailly.pixels.com 

Note that it can be printed on canvas or as a print, or printed onto one of many different objects, e.g., phone case, blanket, cards, tote bags, and more (see image at the bottom).

Products are available: CandyH2O artwork & product
Have a look if you like

red sky – watercolor a
Red Sky watercolor paints
Red Sky watercolor brushes





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