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Ocean Views

There are two watercolors this week and both of them are ocean views. I’m not really happy with either of them but, you know, you have to practice in order to get better. At least that is what ‘they’ say. Anyway, I’ll share my works and hopefully (keep) get better with watercolors. At some point, I should post my older artwork that was done in a different medium. But for now, watercolors… 

Ocean View 1

This one turned out, well, you see it. I had many problems while painting this one. Note the image on the left (above), you can see that I saved space for a couple sailboats but then proceeded to royally muck them up and then tried to hide the mess. At the water-line, you can see I placed two buoys instead. *shrug* So then I tried another ocean painting (shown below).

Ocean View 2

This ocean view with a fisherman on the horizon was supposed to be simple and easy. Maybe I’m having a bad day? Yeah, let’s go with that. Anyway, the paints look choppy and unrefined, soooo more practice. 


I was determined to get one decent ocean painting with blended colors in the sky and ocean that look pretty good. Ok, so it’s not perfect but I’m at least happy with this one.

Sidenote: I used the same paints that were still on the pallette from Ocean View 2 (shown above).

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