Watercolor – Flamingo

Flamingo – watercolor

This was painted on Arches 300lb 100% cotton paper and wow, it makes a huge difference. Over the past week, I’ve watched several videos on watercolors and the artists kept saying that 100% cotton is the best for watercolors as well as better paints. As you can see from the image above, I used the Crafts4All paints and it really made a difference in the blending of paints/colors. I was impressed and am now convinced on the use of paper quality for watercolors.

Disclaimer: I am still learning this craft and often refer to amazing artists who offer tutorials on YouTube. This image is from Maria Raczynska (check out her works).

What do you think and what’s your experience been with watercolor papers and paints?

Flamingo – watercolor1
Flamingo – watercolor2
watercolors used for Flamingo
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