Book Review – The Untethered Soul

Reviewed byC.R. Bailly
Book TitleThe Untethered Soul
AuthorMichael Singer
Year of Publication2007
Genremeditation, mental health

The Book.  The contents of this book offer the reader the chance to explore their inner peace and inward journey. Noting, the author claims you will “discover what you can do to put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness…by tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness.” (Quote from book overview).   

Favorites Bits.  I enjoyed reading about a new (or new to me) perspective on self reflection and mindfulness. 

To read or not to read… Yes/No!  Wow, this is really a tough one for me because quite frankly this was not the type of book I’d normally read; however, it was recommended by a friend so I gave it a chance. My takeaway: Michael Singer presents his ideas (and mental exercises) of how “energy” flows through you, your life, and how you can control that flow in order to have a more (or completely) open-hearted life.  As for my recommendation, I suppose the best answer is in two parts, so bear with me, please: 

Part I. Yes. Read the book if you enjoy authors who discuss ways to discover inner peace, meditation, or serenity.  This sounds like good ‘woo-woo’ to me. 

Part II. No. Don’t read the book if you enjoy books based on science and facts and logic. In fairness, I am not part of their target market. Ok, enough said. 

Where I found the book:  my copy of the book was borrowed from the local library.  Note, I am not affiliated and do not receive any money for recommendations. 

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