Book Review – Creative Calling

Reviewed by: C.R. Bailly
Book TitleCreative Calling
AuthorChase Jarvis
Year of Publication2019
Genre: Creativity, Motivational

The Book.  The author covers themes like embracing your identity as a creative person, persevering in growth, consistency, taking chances, and learning…always learning your craft. He goes on to recommend creating a routine, a physical and psychological cycle that works for you.  He also suggests that you join your chosen communities and build your audience from there, a place of authenticity. Then grow from within these communities and to give, to keep giving and adding value to those who support your work; and to do this growth with enthusiasm and confidence. Make these actions habits and part of your daily life. 

Favorites Bits.  My favorite part of the book was the overall advice to believe in yourself and take action toward your dreams and goals through assessing your mindset, strategies, and techniques. He professes that giving and adding value to those who support you is the key to building a stronger audience/customer base.  

To read or not to read… Yes!  There are many great ideas and key concepts in the book that will definitely help the reader take a new look at their creativity and how they use their time. But also noteworthy, Jarvis discusses topics that have been talked about for decades.  For example, the Givers Gain book and philosophy by Dr. Ivan Misner; as well as the books, Element, by Ken Robinson, and The Complete BS-Free and Totally Tested Writing Guide, by Gabe Berman. Regardless of the re-hashed topics, it is worth the read because you’ll get something out of it…even if it’s just one idea to help get you moving toward your goals. (Side-note, I recommend each of these books listed.)

Where I found the book:  my copy of the book was borrowed from the local library.  Note, I am not affiliated and do not receive any money for recommendations.

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