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Beneath the Twin Suns: An Anthology

First, thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in the anthology. It is on the markets and available right now. *Cheers* For easier access, links are shared on this page: click the book title (above) or the image (below). Voila.

Anthology of Short Stories

Released 31 August 2020

Background: A group of authors came together to create a unique anthology. There are 30+ authors contributing short stories; and every story takes place on one planet over the span of hundreds of years. Check it out, and if you are seeking my contribution, well, the title of my story is Advenæ.

Important: As a group, we decided to donate 100% of the profits to charityInternational Committee of the Red CrossSo if you’re interested in supporting the charity while getting wonderful short stories to enjoy, please buy a copy for yourself and others. Note: the charity info is located at the bottom of the book description on websites where it is sold.

Amazon Book Orders: get your paperback & ebook (Kindle) copies today.

Special Note: Thank you to all the contributing authors; a gigantic, wonderful thanks to those who created the covers and to Renée for overseeing the whole project. They were such a great and talented group of people to work with.

We hope you enjoy the stories!

Thanks for visiting!

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