Art for the Week (18 Jan)

Happy New Year !

I found some interesting inspiration this week and had a lot of fun creating these pieces. Let me know in comments if you’ve created any art this week; I’d love to see it too.

Ok, here is the artwork from the week. Note: All of the pieces were sketched with GraphGear 1000 pencils (and the bow tie was finished with a Macron pen). You’ll find a few comments below regarding materials.

The orca was drawn with a Pentel P207 and completed with GraphGear 1000 set.

The tie was sketched with the Pentel P207 and finished with Macron pens. Also of note, this bow tie was inspired by Alphonso Dunn’s online work and specifically his book, Pen & Ink Drawing Workbook. So if you’re teaching yourself to draw (like me), I highly recommend this book because he offers insight, techniques, as well as practice pages within the workbook.

The bird was sketched with the Pentel P207 and finished with the GraphGear 1000 set. I’m fascinated with birds and you’ll likely see more sketches or watercolors of birds during 2019.

The bucket with water was sketched with Pentel P207 and GraphGear 1000. And of note, this bucket is also from Alphonso Dunn’s workbook but the tilt of the bucket and water were my additions (or interpretation).

Please let me know what you’re creating this week too. I’d love to see it. ~CB



  1. Wonderful drawings! Especially the textures in your 2019 sketch.

    I second the recommendation for any instruction from Alphonso Dunn. I bought his book Pen & Ink Drawing, A Simple Guide when I first started working in Pen and Ink. His instruction is easy to follow and very inspirational.

    Thanks for sharing your work. Have a great day.

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