Art for the Week (02 Feb)

Pear – Watercolor

This watercolor was a lot of fun to create; it took a few hours in total (spread out over several days) and this was my result from a tutorial by Anna Mason. The materials included: 140 lb watercolor paper (100% cotton), Holbein watercolors (colors shown in the image below), and Silver Black Velvet Brushes (variety of sizes).

Sketches – Pencil & Pen

The sketches were done in my sketchbook and the materials included the following: Pentel P207 and GraphGear 1000. The ink sketches were created with Micron pens (005, 01, 02).

Bird – Pencil Sketch
Street Scene – Pen Sketch
Boats on the Bay – Pencil Sketch
House – Pencil Sketch
Wooden Door – Pen Sketch
Fisherman – Pencil Sketch
Two Birds – Quick Sketch study



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